The nature on Schiermonnikoog is beautiful and highly diverse. Enjoy more than 300 different bird species, seals from the reef, and hundreds of plant species. It’s no wonder the entire island has been declared a national park since 1989.

Beach and Dunes

An evening walk on the beach or a bike ride through the dune paths, both are possible on Schiermonnikoog. The beach stretches for a whopping 18 kilometers and is even a kilometer wide at certain spots. Due to the sea currents around Schiermonnikoog, the beach width increases annually by an average of 7 meters.

Bunker Wasserman

When you are on Schiermonnikoog, it is definitely recommended to visit bunker Wasserman. During World War II, the bunker served as a base for a radar antenna, intended to scan the airspace for hostile aircraft within a range of 300km. Eventually, it turned out that the antenna could not be installed on the bunker. To this day, it remains unclear whether this was due to a construction error or sabotage.